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Comment: The Gnarl Within Thou
Checked out at: August 25, 2001
Checked in at: August 25, 2001
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That looks painful...
More gore!
Wassa wrong with some nice birdies eh? Why so much violence? :)

Hehe just kidding
Re: More gore!
I don't mind the gore, it's the ugly boobies that get to me. :P
Re: Re: More gore!
aaaahhhh!!! ugly boobies? hrm... :P
Re: Re: Re: More gore!
Yeah.. this and the stigmata one are insulting to women everywhere, shifty. ;) Nipples aren't bright pink, and breasts aren't that big. And they don't float, either. ;p
Re: Re: Re: Re: More gore!
:( Well I suppose I could make a male figure it really wasn't an intention to insult anyone. Again my apologies I am just testing the different styles and imaginations people have. If I was a psychologist I would say this was a study... :P But I'm not.

Also I havn't taken that 3 year course in college where you draw nude figures for hours yet, I think I have about... 5 more years to go. 8)

I'll go back to some more scenery work, maybe a flower here and there. . . ;)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: More gore!
Oh, I was just joking about the insult thing... You've got a way to go, though. ;)