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Comment: [46] Ogre taking a nap after dinner...
Checked out at: August 27, 2001
Checked in at: August 27, 2001
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Haha! He's really ugly! (Ugly == Good. ;) Very cool dude. Let's hope nothing disturbs him in his little nap. =)

can't help myself...
"Female ogre at the end of her menstrual cycle."
Re: can't help myself...
Gecko!! XD
Now that is just gross. ;)

"Women are evil creatures, I will never trust a being that bleeds for a week without dying!" - Unknown Profet

Re: can't help myself...
I think that might be the single most distasteful thing ever written in the ice forums.

And to think that I am the cause of it... there is only one thing to do. Suicide. Bye folks, it's been a pleasure working with you but I just can't stand being referred to as the person who drew a "Female ogre at the end of her menstrual cycle"...

Okay. For real, I did NOT think about that when drawing this tile. I planned to put some blood on his(her?) stomach insinuating that the ogre was really messy when eating, but it just looked like the ogre was slit open.

btw, "Female ogre at the end of her menstrual cycle(tm)" looks cooler... Now I'm gonna draw some ansi... boyaka