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Comment: sea life
Checked out at: August 21, 2001
Checked in at: August 21, 2001
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What's up with the orange stuff floating around in the water? Supposed to be pollution or krill or something?
Re: ?
Hey, what's wrong with my cute sea sponges,
never seen one? ;-P Get some for yourself -
they are far better on skin than all those
plastic goodies.
Re: Re: ?
Oh... They don't really look like sea sponges to me. ._.
Re: Re: Re: ?
FYI, there are more than 2500 different
types of these spieces known ;-)
Re: Re: Re: Re: ?
Yes... one of the most simple forms of life on earth... porifera, they're called, because of their porrous appearance. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. :P Yours is huuuuge and the fish are swimming under it... hehe
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ?
Ugh, thanks, I noticed ;-P Wait! Sure
I noticed - it was my tile! =%-)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ?
What! How did you know? :|
You only drew it! ;>
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ?
You know, gecky, next time I get
a hold on tails of your sea horses
I'll cling some ugly looking fancy
painted blobs to them. Maybe this way
I get ppl attention to my tile ;-P
just look at that - 1 freaking vote
from highly subjective underaged gal
is all what I get for this tile!
Damn it... :-F

P.S: no offence implied ;-)))
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: ?
There, is that better? :P
C'mon, get real! ;-) What I meant is
the number of votes, not the points.
...hey, who was that 2nd person anyway?
Wow, I have 2 voters! In-n-ncoming =8-)
The artist thinks this tile is worth a 5
Hey!!! Who did that to my tile???
I haven't voted for it!!! }3E~
Take that vote down! Take it down!
Down, I said! Down! Ba-ad, system!
Down, vote, down! Grrrrrr.....

2Slothy/Root88: I think the system is
buggy, it's not the first time I see
my vote lost or, contrary, cast
automatically :-(
Re: The artist thinks this tile is worth a 5
Yeah, they show when you vote for your own tile now... :) But how did your vote get cast automatically? o.O
Re: Re: The artist thinks this tile is worth a 5
There was a bug with clicking on link
in "Someone replied to your message"
emails. Slothy got it smashed now ;-)
My opinion on the whole matter is:

Boy it sure was fun to blend into! WHEE FUN!! HURRAYY!!! I LOVE THE LEFT BORDER ON THIS TILE!! YEAH!!!!