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This tile is from Mainquilters Revenge

Comment: Spooky Isle
Checked out at: August 19, 2001
Checked in at: August 20, 2001
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Hehe... leave it to me to put a glowy happy castle next to your gloomy scary castle...
Re: Castles
Why, I think it should be nice and
warm inside this one - it looks like
it have a great fireplace... Yours
is too cold to my taste, ice castle
maybe? ;-P
Re: Re: Castles
It's warm inside mine! I promise! It's just.. blue and stuff because I
like blue! Glowing blue things are always so pretty.
I definitely like Tonchy's rock/island better than mine, though. Mine sucks. :p
Re: Rock
Right, very good artist, I think. But you're
doing great too. Personally, I would like it
if I have your skills ;-)
Re: Re: Rock
woah! didn't expect ppl will like my tile this much :)
and gecky... keep drawing and someday you will be called a "very good artist" too :D you too lastbeserker.
Re: Re: Re: Rock
Doing what I can ;-) It would be get a hold
on one of those tablets and see if it gets
any better. As for now, there will be Escher
quilt - lot's of pixel art and strait lines,
I reckon. Can't wait...
Re: Re: Re: Rock
Who says I haven't already been called a "very good artist" yet? ;P Oh well, don't call me anything, say I suck if anything, keeps my ego down and makes me try harder. You suck too, Tonchy. ;)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Rock
funny... i use that technique all the time! "i suck" really keeps you moving.

p.s. you are a good artist too :)