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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

Comment: Gandalf's cloaked feet
Checked out at: August 15, 2001
Checked in at: August 15, 2001
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I suppose no one noticed before, but now that I've checked out the tile to the right, I notice that there are black/grey checkerboard remnants on the right hand side... Doesn't show up very much because of the Gandalf's robe, but still... Be more careful, please?
Well, it really didn't show up... didn't mean to sound like I'm really getting onto your case about that... everything looks so much more apparent when you're at 300% and 400% zoom levels. :) (I do tend to put off negative vibes at times. I'm not really pissed, it just seems like it.)
Re: Okay
Gecky's pissed.


oh shit.

heh, but I agree,
everyone should hit the 300-400 percentile zoom before they submit a tile.

Do the mega-zoom, then scan your borders,
it's inevitable that I notice some hard-line I hadn't noticed at 100%, and whilst it may be nearly (almost; quite; just about) invisible at full zoom, it still has a way of interrupting the flow.

This is, of course, an idea for newbies, rather than all ya'all pros. I feel so inconsistent on a message-board-posting system. I feel an incessant need to apologize to the audience I'm not posting to.


Okay, I'll shut up now.