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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

Comment: Doing the dirtywork...
Checked out at: August 11, 2001
Checked in at: August 11, 2001
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okay, seems there is a problem with this tile right now... anyway, it'll probably be fixed ASAP... here's my comments on this tile and on the quilt:

the tile above me had a 3 pixel wide darkening of the beard... This kind of made it impossible/very hard for me to do the same shading of the beard...

Tolkien info:
Gandalf wore a gray hat, not a blue?
And it was a point hat, not some kind of cape drawn in the tile to the top left of this...

No offense, just wanted to clear it out...
Re: comments...
ASAP = A slower action (aint) possible ? :)
this havn't been fixed for days.
do you know why ?
kind of makes the whole progress of the quilt stopping. :/

This tile
There isn't even a .png file on the server for me to fix. DCC your tile to me on irc, or email it. Then I can fix it.
Re: This tile
oh... I'll send it right away =)
Good tile
I gave it a 4, because it's short of a 5 in my opinion, but i wish i could give it a 4.4 because I think that's what it deserves. The reason I decided to not give it a five, is because it's pretty much all grey, and yes, I know Gandalf is "the grey" and everything, but the tile just cam eout very monotonous looking. I think that if you chose to give him a blue cloak to match his hat, the result would have just worked better with the quilt. Also I think the staff is a bit flat-looking.

But these are all nitpics of mine, and really it's a great tile.