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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

Comment: Yipee! My first LOTR tile :) Don't you think it's getting too gloomy?
By: VeeRaw
Checked out at: August 14, 2001
Checked in at: August 15, 2001
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SHIT :((((((
Hell, why is it so flat?! there's not even a half of layers there should be!
Delete, delete, delete, delete iwillstopmakingthosenoisesonlyifyouDELETE it, delete, delete...
Re: SHIT :((((((
Were there any actual 'making-it-checked-out-to-me-again' occasions?..
Or just us artists wallowing in mud, begging for a minor swing of that Big Fat Moderator guy's finger?.. Viva la Revolution! (or sumthin)
Re: Re: SHIT :((((((
I think that Slothy or Root88 or whoever has access to that kind of operation will grant you such a wish if you ask them nicely. And maybe you, the next time you check it in, will write in the comment what part of the story/what character you're trying to recreate? It's always nice to know.

yeah, flatness.
i think it does look flat... if you tried using the burn tool around the edges of the red guy and definitely the skull, they'd look a lot better and more 3-dimensional. Or do I even know what I'm talking about? :)
Re: yeah, flatness.
don't use burn for shading man... try setting the brush mode to multiply and then drawing with 30% gray, opacity set to 10% or something like that. gives far more realistic results than using burn.
Re: Re: yeah, flatness.
It's been done, but I forgot to apply it when saving as PNG. Gonna be offline
for a month or so, so so long and thanks for all the the. Delete it...
Re: Re: yeah, flatness.
hey, thanks. i'll try that next time. :)
what does this have to do with the theme?
Re: lotr
im sorry veeraw...i voted a low score for this one..its an ok tile but, it doesnt really fit with the rest of the quilt.
a snowman made of fire and a scull.
hmm. lord of the ring. .???this is...,i don't want to put you down.
but this aint good.
gave it zero.
I say give the tile to me... heheh... I like repairing screw-ups.