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This tile is from Mainquilters Revenge

Comment: dolphinz and wavez
Checked out at: August 09, 2001
Checked in at: August 09, 2001
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Dolphins in the sky ;-)
Very adorable tile. What a nice piece of
sea-sky we got in this quilt... Luv it!
Re: Dolphins in the sky ;-)
Re: Re: Dolphins in the sky ;-)
What I wonder about all your tiles is wheter it's original artwork done by you or if it's photos skillfully manipulated...
Re: Re: Re: Dolphins in the sky ;-)
hahaha alittle of both
Re: Re: Re: Dolphins in the sky ;-)
Honestly, I don't understand what is the
difference at the point where you can't
tell the difference =%-)
The tile underneath
This is quite amusing considering what I drew on the tile beneath it. You'll see when it's revealed.
Re: The tile underneath
Nice combination, indeed ;-) I only wonder
what foo' voted this tile down - it fits
very nice in the quilt.
Why am I getting such a bad score????
ok ok ok, i know im new at this.
but why am does this tiles score
continue to drop? whoever seems to
believe that this tile is so bad,
please, come forward and tell me
why. i can stand a little
constructive critizism. if you really
have something against it, confess!!
Re: Why am I getting such a bad score????
honestly i would like some feedback!!!!
Re: Re: Why am I getting such a bad score????
I voted not so high because the dolphins wasn't freehand drawn... IMO, it's better to do a poor freehand drawing, than to do even the slickest of ripoffs from some photograph. But that's just my 5 cents... But I can guess that A LOT of the other low score you've been getting on this tile is because of the same reason..
Re: Re: Re: Why am I getting such a bad score????
I must agree. That, and that you used exactly the same dolphin. Even if you did draw the dolphin yourself, you should at least modify it a little bit to avoid that copy/paste feeling. You clearly have an eye for art. Now just combine that with _your_ original creations and you're set for straight fives. ;)