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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

Comment: the ring start being very heavy
By: jito
Checked out at: August 04, 2001
Checked in at: August 04, 2001
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Any ideas on blending this tile on the bottom? I can't see how it can possibly be reconciled with what's already under it short of drawing some sort of a cartoon hole that Frodo (?) disappears into.
Re: Hm
i drew this tile before
visulizer drew aragorn's head
check dates here

it was up to him to see and compose that bilbo had feet and body
too bad no?
Re: Hm
u can do this
a book opened and him detach from the picture of the book
just an idea ; )
Re: Hm
Well, seeing as how he was already sort of "growing" out of the land (right side of the tile), I continued that theme by growing him our of a mountain. But apparently, some people didn't like that and decided to destroy my score, which is now a 0.6... and I don't know why.