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Comment: luminous trees
Checked out at: July 05, 2001
Checked in at: July 05, 2001
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.... the 0's
Would have been a four from me if you hadn't had those damn 0 all over ... you know how hard they are to blend?
Re: .... the 0's
Sorry about it being hard to blend (I'd use a clone tool for that, BTW). To tell the truth, they aren't "o's" ... they are pixel effects. I NEVER use text in images this small. Too hard to read.

Just wanted to make that clear.
Re: Re: .... the 0's
yep... used the clone-tools... but the image faded just before it was my turn so they didn't fit that well anyhow... I don't know if you even can see my "cloned-pixel-effects-looking-like-0's"... =)