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This tile is from I've Got the Blues [Color Theme]

Comment: Only my second....I know, blending needs work ;)
By: sevon
Checked out at: July 06, 2001
Checked in at: July 06, 2001
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big improvement
BIG improvement over your first tile. As a general rule, I'd avoid using any filters (I noticed you have a lens flare in both tiles, and the first tile was just a swirl filter). Filters really cheapen an image quickly, IMHO.

pointy sword
Nice job overall, especially with continuing the sword. Some of the blending/matching on the right side could've been better, like the shadow underneath the blade and the background shades.
Re: pointy sword
take your time doing tiles. it's just plain lame checking in a tile when you know the blending is mediocre :P
No worries....
I thought this might help me hone my digital art skilles (or whatever you wanna call it), but it's not....so, no more worries about me screwing up quilts ;) I'll just enjoy the work of others as I was in the beginning :)
Re: No worries....
I wouldn't give up yet.
I have only done about 5 tiles and I feel like my skills have improved in a drastic way. Give it a little longer. You have done 2 tiles and others here have already been talking about your improvements.
Re: No worries....
Hey, don't give up already... you still have a few tiles to do before you're considered a basketcase, right? ... Are you using photoshop? I might be able to give you some pointers then...