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Comment: We Are Not Alone!!!!!!!!! (sortof blue...right?)
Checked out at: July 05, 2001
Checked in at: July 05, 2001
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Hahahaha :)
ok, the jaggy little alien man with his jaggy little alien gun is a bit annoying, in the midst of this beautiful quilt emerging .. but it's fFunny :) and i **LOVE** the way you have managed to mix the text!!!!! PERFECT!!! so many people have taken cheatin' ways out of working with other people's text: "i dunno what this is supposed to say, so i'm just going to have it disintegrate" .. but you've actually done something with it!! marvelous!! i do wish the alien had been .. cooler, i guess is a good word ... but this is a quilt of varying styles, and so i have to congratulate you :)
Re: Hahahaha :)
i must agree with you, on the alien not looking cool enough.. but i'm sortof new to this.. and i didn't really know how to make it more 'realistic' cool..

but TIPZ are ALWAYS welcome!!!
(so please give me some!)
Tha Zeno