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This tile is from I've Got the Blues [Color Theme]

Comment: city in the blue mist
By: ize
Checked out at: July 05, 2001
Checked in at: July 05, 2001
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What city? What mist? This tile is almost blank!

Re: ???
Hrmm the tile only appears when you really pump up the gamma on your monitor. Perhaps his gamma correction was up too high?
Re: Re: ???
uh... that's weird... the tile looks much brighter on my system... Here it´s way too dark! and this is when I look at it on the same computer with the same configuration... just different places... hmm... perhaps my gamma is way off.. I did draw the tile in full daylight.. :(
Re: Re: Re: ???
But another thing I really don't understand... is why people are in such rush to vote on tiles just when they pop up? I think the vote should come when the four surrounding tiles are visible so you can see how the tile fits into the quilt!! Sure comments and feedback are great... but the score should wait. I find that pretty healthy... but perhaps im mistaken?

thanks for the feedback, im still in the process of learning to draw, and I try new stiles, techniques everytime... I need the feedback.. critisize me! :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: ???
I generally rate a tile once it's visible. This is because you can usually tell any blending problems on the artist's side by looking at the image they were given (i.e. the existing borders). Any blending problems introduced by subsequent tiles should not impact the score, since the artist had nothing to do with them. The same goes for a situation where a neighbor does a perfect blend making your tile fit in nice and perfect.

That's just the process I use though. There are always exceptions of course.