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This tile is from I've Got the Blues [Color Theme]

Comment: Sunset
Checked out at: July 05, 2001
Checked in at: July 05, 2001
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this tile is
pretty well drawn but very poorly blended. that's rather unfortunate.

No Blending
I doubt it was drawn at all, it got a look of cut'n'paste - not even a slight attempt to blend it in.
Re: No Blending
This tile should have been deleted long before anyone else could checkout a neighbor. We could delete it and have someone grab a 4 sided tile.
Re: Re: No Blending
It's not even a very blue picture...
Re: Re: No Blending
you got my vote for that...
Re: No Blending
That's definitely a photo, with a bit of smudge
on the edge. I have no problem with people
using photos a part of collage work, but
isn't this supposed to be an original, collaborative,
project? Sticking a photo in as your tile
(even if you took it) is just wrong to me.

Re: Re: No Blending
It's not necessarily a picture...I have a terrain generating program (Terragen) that makes pictures nearly identical to this. It could very well be an original creation, just VERY poorly blended.
Re: Re: Re: No Blending
Ah, you see, to me they are the same thing... A snapshot of a landscape (even a render snapshot of an imaginary computer-generated landscape) is still just that and is kind of inappropriate in this context.

As a snapshot of a sunset, it's a good one, whether it's real or CG. It just doesn't belong here. Maybe if he had incorporated it better, or something, but definitely not like this.
Re: Re: Re: Re: No Blending
word. :>