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Checked out at: May 03, 2001
Checked in at: May 04, 2001
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This is a pretty bad tile... It doesn't take any cues from the quilt not does it offer any back. There is no way this tile will appear as anything but a small standalone picture. (Though the technique is rather nice)
I'm in a bad mood right now, but I'll try to curb it a bit:

The technique is straight out of a few choice photoshop filters and/or powertools.

Just because you get a black strip doesn't mean you have to continue the trend... and ESPECIALLY not with this sort of thing.

Is it just me, or is this quilt going from above average to "Up and Comers"?

Re: Technique?
I basically said something a bit stupid above, and just wanted to take it back. Saying that this quilt is "going from above average to 'Up and Comers'" is insulting many of the quilters here which don't deserve it. In fact, I can't think of anyone here that deserves to be insulted, regardless of the work they are checking in.

On the contrary, I do think that a LOT of this quilt has some terrific art on it. It's just that this particular tile erked me quite a bit... especially since I've seen herberaka do a few cool looking tiles (not coincidentally the top 3 tiles on the left side of this page, actually).

In my opinion: Mostly black tiles with black borders are bad. Text is bad (including caligraphy). Smudgefests are bad.

I appologize for the insulting tone of my previous post.

Re: Re: Technique?
hehe, we've seen this happen on one of the first quilts as well. newbies started coming in and didn't do a (real) good job and peeps started to get pissed. I guess this will occur all the time, just as long as there are newbies. My first tiles sucked, and oh boy they sucked hard :)
...Fade Away
I've noticed that too...

Usually towards the end of the life of a main quilt, a lot of sub-par tiles start to accumulate. I've seen this happen to 3 quilts so far, which is weird, because there are newbies all the time. (Besides--being a newbie has nothing to do with quality; look at Tinster's first tiles.)