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This tile is from Mainquilters Unite!

Comment: Kripton
Checked out at: May 01, 2001
Checked in at: May 01, 2001
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Blend at the edges...
On both the right and left sides of your tile there is a single pixel wide band of desaturated color. This made it impossible for the people to your right and left to get a smooth blend without showing a line.

When you blend to the edge of the checkerboard pattern on the tile given to you, go OVER it so that any color you have doesn't "drop off".

I had the tile to your left (the one with the giant pencil) and I had to repeat that line to try to hide the seam between your tile and mine... unfortunately it didn't work to well.

Work in the entire area given to you (not just the 128x128 black square in the middle).

crap tile.
my picture don't have dark borders, all people are give me puntuations very low, I' don't draw so bad, to use the Paint of windows.


Re: In..
Eek. At LEAST use Paintshop Pro. Pretty sure you can get it for free as shareware. MS Paint is like the worst. Ever.


Re: Re: In..
I download now the program ArtGem 1.1 , I hope that this program will be better than the paint. :)