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Comment: The rock & you
Checked out at: April 30, 2001
Checked in at: April 30, 2001
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Blue Sky...
I posted something on the tile above yours, but I'll say it again here... it's a bad move (in my opinion) to put a stark, blue sky at the top of your tile when you KNOW that someone will have to do a tile above yours. You severly limit thier possibilites for original concepts, and consequently, you end up with more sky scenes than anyone cares to look at (see the image above this one).

Things I keep in mind when doing a tile are:

1) Am I using what I'm given in an intesting way?

2) How can I give the people next to my tile something fun to work with and still have a concise composition within my own tile?

And above all... SPEND SOME TIME ON IT.

Checked out at: '2001-04-30 17:41:58'
Checked in at: '2001-04-30 18:46:52'

That isn't long enough to do a good tile unless you are some well paid comic book colorist or something. Take at LEAST 5 hours to do a good tile... you don't have to do that in one 5 hour sitting... spread it out. Do a few sketches to see what you want to do, then take a break and come back and decide what you want to accomplish with the tile and start working on your favorite sketch.

Don't just smudge in the borders and draw stick figures.