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This tile is from Gullivers Travels - Lilliput

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By: greg
Checked out at: November 25, 2004
Checked in at: November 25, 2004
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blending on the left ain't quite right. it looks like you were given the border from the tile that was sent back, and maybe the border wasn't regenerated when it was checked back in?
Re: woops
yes, looks like it. woops, indeed
send her back, boys!
Re: Re: woops
i sent it back but it looks like the site was down sometime over the weekend, and was rolled back to an earlier copy. that's what it looks like anyway, cause theres no record here that i can see of your tile having been resent... ok i'm babbling now.... anyway let's try er again, here goes :o))
Re: Re: Re: woops
ok just tried again... but since it was sent back once already, Ted the not-so-super computer told me i had already done so, called me a dork, and told me not to try that again.

so... rather than delete your work, i'm gonna mark this quilt as complete. if you still want to replace your current tile with an updated version, just grab a screen shot so you'll have the correct edges to work from... and email the finished png to me. i can switch em around and you'll still get the credit for this slot. baddaboom baddabing
Re: Re: Re: Re: woops
what a guy. hey it might take me a while to get around to that. and once that while's over, I'll probably forget about it....ah, that's not good. I should do it now, huh. well I can't, shoot. .I'll do a screen grab NEXT time when I have something to save to.