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This tile is from Mainquilters 32: Time

Comment: drip
Checked out at: September 09, 2004
Checked in at: September 09, 2004
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why "drip"
With only the guy's yellow shoe showing, it looked like an egg yolk on a waffle iron or something, so I made the egg white droop down, since I like to draw droopy things.
Re: why
ahaha i see it now...sorry bout that, still trying to work on what i give to people as borders :)
Re: Re: why
why sorry? its the unintentionally surreal that comes from misinterpreted information that i think is so cool about the surreal quilts. its why i prefer the surreal quilts :o))
Re: Re: Re: why
oh, I completely agree and well, it was more of a half hearted sorry :D

but, I find it more enjoyable when i get a little bit to work with, maybe a small hint or clue as to what the person next to me may have been doing.
of course those borders where you have no clue can yield some pretty fun results too....as long as theres something to work with....personally, having the borders actually gets my mind working...its like a jumpstart(and you woudnt believe how my mind works sometimes) :D