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This tile is from Mainquilters 31: Knorke!

Comment: mad voodoo lady - i love the whole voodoo-thing! First thing I ever made with GIMP hope it works...
Checked out at: June 09, 2004
Checked in at: June 09, 2004
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I wonder how many people use Gimp. For me, it's the only program I have ever used for this kind of stuff. I have never used PhotoShop because I have never been able to justify the price compared to Gimp (which is free). I'm sure I'll have to get PhotoShop eventually, and I'm sure it has its advantages, but in the meantime I'm happy Gimpin' it up.
just a question, u using the Linux or the Windoze version of Gimp? also does Gimp have tablet support? ie: pressure sensitivity etc...

For some reason your tile reminds me of the old monkey island games :D
an off topic question
maybe i'm misunderstanding.

but you made several tiles on newbie before working on mainquilt. and the title of this tile mentions that this is the first time you've ever used gimp.... yet your post says "it's the only program I have ever used for this kind of stuff". how can this be? just curious
Re: an off topic question
errr...my hamster made all the other ones :P

Seriously: It was supercrutch who said he always used GIMP, not me :)
I've been using Photoshop before; Then I switched to Linux and discovered GIMP, which is surprisingly quite good. Photoshop still has its advantages (like the very needful slicing-option -or whatever its called- Image Ready has -- havent found this one in GIMP) but GIMP is free so I guess one has to decide individually if the advantages PS brings are worth 700$.
Imo GIMP is great for digital painting issues, but I like PS alot for Photo-manip. and webdesign. Guess its a matter of getting used to it, though.

btw: I adore the Monkey Island series :)
ok... i guess i should learn to read XD

i knew i was missing something.
voodoo lady
shakin' that stick; drivin' me crazy
Re: voodoo lady
Doin' that thing that you do...
Knockin' me out with your voodoo...