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This tile is from Mainquilters 31: Knorke!

Comment: Sex and Candy, banana style.
Checked out at: May 12, 2004
Checked in at: May 12, 2004
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why i'm giving you a five
i actually think this is a great tile. it carries out the edges extremely well, making sense out of some odd stuff. and i love the idea of the idol with a cellphone to his ear. i like the banana in his mouth, and the candy canes are very well done. i like the gauziness of the yellow cloth. nice variety.

beyond that, you gave good edges to your neighbors. this tile advances the quilt very nicely.

keep this up and 5's are what i'll keep giving you.
Re: why i'm giving you a five
awesome. I'm giving you 5's because you put nipples on your tiles. I can think of nothing more noble. :)
Re: Re: why i'm giving you a five
yes indeed... noblesse oblige :oD
Re: Re: Re: why i'm giving you a five
nipples or the bottom of the collar? nonetheless an excellent tile. lol and i think its funny the statue is wearing a yellow t-shirt.
nipples oblige
MrBeefy was returning the compliment to sookey...
she's the one with the cool nipples. :oD
Re: Re: Re: Re: why i'm giving you a five
There aren't any nipples on my tile. That's a candy necklace stretched between two candy canes. There is, however, a vagina in the upper right corner. If you look at what I submitted compiled with my checkout tile, it will look like a "spread eagle." /me rolls eyes at himself.

fwiw: that was supposed to be a polo shirt as opposed to a t-shirt.