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This tile is from 1979, Hint in Enzonxel

Comment: lavagold
Checked out at: May 04, 2004
Checked in at: May 04, 2004
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great one!
Yessss, I love it... but why is this one visible???
Re: great one!
thank you! .. i love your tiles btw! i don't know why it's vissible.. raganaga sent it back to me once (i wanted to fix some small things).. and now it's vissible..
i think it's something that happends when you get tile sent back, or atleast when i get tiles sent back.. it happends 2 times in the "Love quilt".. heh. weird if it's only mine tiles(?)

keep up the good work!! :)
Re: Re: great one!
Yeah, the quilt code is still a little buggy. The coders are holding back on fixing minor things like that until the site goes through a big overhaul.