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Comment: signs
By: fidgit
Checked out at: November 24, 2003
Checked in at: November 24, 2003
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hmm.. only 3 from me .. its an imho to harsh cut in the flow of the whole quilt.
Because of the low height of the tiles you only have to go on with the border, but you have not enough space to blend the border into your very own tile.
You can add some personal parts, but if you change all in the full length of the tile you will recognize in the whole quilt that exact there begins a new tile(even if there is a blending like in this one).

Take a look at the upper part of this quilt, i think it shows how real nice it looks if everybody is painting on the same picture instead of focussing on their own tile.
Re: .
disagree. the cut - well it is not that harsh at all - was intended because i didn't want to just continue streaks of colour from top to bottom. i liked it better the crowded way it was a few tiles above and thought it was in danger to become slightly boring. also i considered it a good idea to save some of the orange area by leftshifting it through a maze.
and then personally i dont like the upper part at all and i could hit me on the head for having started the black on white letters part. especially that just sucks.
That's really interesting. My favorite part of this quilt is the top -- I've wanted to get a tile up there -- and I thought the black letters on white was a great idea. I do agree that the transition from smooth curves to strong verticals, horizontals, and sharp contrasts was too abrubt. It would have been better to introduce only a few elements of this chaotic addition, let the next tiler hopefully pick up on it a bit, and then add some more in your next tile. These tiles are too short to try to change everything all at once.
Re: Wow
ok. ok. lets see how much it will stand out in the end. maybe i overdid it but for now i dont think so. and regarding the top part. its a little too hmmm... chaotic? dont know how to translate "krikelkrakel".
i just noticed : other parts of this quilt resemble layers of compost. thats what i like best! juicy layers of compost. blurp.
Re: Re: .
ok, understand

I think its possible to go on with your idea or mine. (well i prefer how the upper part works .. but this seems to be a matter of taste.)