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This tile is from Enchanted Woods

Comment: better?
Checked out at: November 07, 2003
Checked in at: November 07, 2003
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yes, much better...
...the only thing i dont like is that you did not continued the tree behind the big one,... i mean the one with the weird guy looking out of the bole. it would look better if you make a whole tree out of it. not to say i dont like the guy, he is really cool, but in consideration of the so far really nice composition of the quilt... anyway, thats just my humble opinion
Re: yes, much better...
i was thinking of storm-broken trees. maybe there was a ghost that lived in one?
Re: Re: yes, much better...
not that it would look unreal, ach... it doesnt matter, your tile looks good, i like it
Looks great!
I think you had better luck on redoing yours than I'm having on mine! ;-)
Hey baby, this one is so nice!
It's my fave of yours. You've gotten so much better.
Re: .
thanks, sexy. i haven't seen you do any new work in a long while. anyways.. how's it hanging?