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Comment: HAYwire
Checked out at: October 12, 2003
Checked in at: October 12, 2003
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this tile had extremely hard borders to blend. i had super hard time with this.
Re: grrrrrrr
Jeeze, They just sent this tile back and requested that I correct the bad blending. Hey, I'll try ANYTHING once!!!
(Obviously the lower right blue fields...)
Re: Re: grrrrrrr
Oh, like I meant to say, it was the other tile...
well, im a bit disappointed, after the last 3 tiles give a real cool image

The key is not only to blend the border but also to try to paint a "whole" instead of a slideshow. Especially if you have this small space of work you cannot only blend in what you like to paint, mainly you have only to go on with the picture in the border - thats it.
Its a bit like a normal 4-border - first the flow of all borders must be continued, then you can think about a part where you realize your personal ideas, because there is not enough space to paint just your own picture.
yet another of your tiles I am compelled to give a -5 to. it's not even worth explaining anymore. just know that one of those -5s is mine.