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This tile is from Mainquilters 23: What Evuh!... We Do What We Want!

By: ezo
Checked out at: September 13, 2003
Checked in at: September 14, 2003
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ezo, this tile is very very basic. look at the other tiles on the quilt and the complexity. you need to look at the other tiles on the quilt and get a sense of what kind of thing goes into a main quilt tile.

you need more things on the edges that other people can work off of and come up with something that is interesting to the viewer. i'm not trying to be critical, just to help. quilts have personalities and you want your tiles to fit with the overall look even if your particular tile goes off in some other direction.
Re: tiling
Thank you for your help. I've been working on putting more detail into my tiles, and you've further stressed that need.
This tile was really one that I had to fight through to finish. Now that I look at it, I realize that I really should have just given it up, or started over.
The advice you've given about edges is very true; I hate getting a tile with nothing on the edges, and yet I do that myself. There doesn't seem to be as much constructive criticism/comments in this place as DA, and your comment is much appreciated. We have to remember that we're making one piece of art, not a group of tiles.