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This tile is from Mainquilters 22: Medievalness

Comment: ...and he created a spectacle that the whole kingdom would see...
Checked out at: June 22, 2003
Checked in at: June 23, 2003
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nice job!
cool magick/fairytale quality :o)
Very beatiful sky... I love it. Yes, beatiful colors... I've done the upper tile (not yet visible), I hope you like how I blended xD.
For this tile it was not neccesary, but as I told you in my last message to you, why don't you try to work in a higher resolution? It uses to increase the detail level a lot. Well, it is my way, others uses a very high zoom or anything.
As soon I finish my next tile I'm going to give you a coin for this one (I have not coins in this moment)
itty bitty wizard types that aren't harry potter
I was going to rack the zoom up and cut in alot more detail, but i ran short on time. I totally despise the little merlin (had to trade off between detail and actually being able to figure out what the hell he was - the first time i did this tile it looked like an angry mushroom with a glowing toothpick).

i think i might start turning the resolution up and going frantic with the detail. *evil grin* ta! =]