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This tile is from SpreeQuilt #16 - Pirate Riches! [The Thursday Night SpreeQuilt]

Comment: bauble
Checked out at: June 05, 2003
Checked in at: June 05, 2003
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I like it
beautiful, I like the velvet and the blackened silcer thing.
Its especially nice for having done it while eating ;-)
Re: I like it
thanks Ireen, actually i took a long break for lunch...
i shove food in with both hands when eating :o)
just one thing ^^
You know i like your work ^^ But this time i was a bit in trouble because of this dithered satin stuff. Please try to avoid random dithered patterns, because it's extremly hard to blend it or continue it.
In Mainquilt its no prob but this one needs to be finished fast and its hard with this random dither...

However your tile is great ^^ +5
Re: just one thing ^^
thanks, i like your work too ;o)
sorry you found it difficult.
it isn't random dither though. i used the air brush with opacity set to about 30ish and "density" set to 7. just trying to match the speckled texture of the satin/velvet in the first tile,{{sPaz}}'s in the opposite corner, for continuity's sake. one trick you can use to save time, if you're tile borders one with a tricky texture, is to clone a bit of the texture. anyway, good job, your tile turned out very well.