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This tile is from Newbies 24: We've Come a Long Way Since MS Paint...

Comment: Lonely corner
By: dari
Checked out at: May 04, 2003
Checked in at: May 04, 2003
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nice one
too bad your neighbor to the south didn't blend what you gave. 5 ;o)
Re: nice one
thanks, yeah i was a little upset about it only because then the tile becomes completely lost
Re: nice one
great job, coin worthy.
You always do great work with your tiles, but you have really embarked on "true atmosphere" with this tile! Woooohoooo, you rock Daria! :)
I don't think this tile necessarily deserves a 5, but I think whoever gave me a 0 was kind of mean. Especially since all the other votes have been a 4 or 5. I was a little sad cause this is one of my favorite ones, and if the person who gave me a zero has a reason that would be okay, but i want to know why.
Re: sad....
yea, the site should force people to post a message before being able to vote so low. anyone who is willing to vote so radically should be willing to explain why. oh, except on swirly filter tiles, those should be voted -5 automatically. ;)

this tile is great.
Re: Re: sad....
As said before... Everyone's invited to express their numeric opinion on tiles... Even if they don't follow the pack on their scores.
You're right that a person who voted relatively low scores should explain why he/she has done so, but the reason why posting an explenation is optional is the same reason why voting is anonymous.
Re: Re: Re: sad....
You're absolutely right, and I appreciate everyone's opinion. But when there are 15 votes on a tile and only one of them is -5, it's obvious that person is just being malicious and not actually stating their opinion. Forcing them to post for a low score would simply persuade the evil doers to atleast help, rather than hold grudges. ;)

We've talked about this several times before and I don't expect for this functionality to be implemented or anything. I was just stating an opinion. Good followup.
Re: Re: Re: Re: sad....
eeeeeeevildoerss.... :P
maybe they were Al Qaida terrorists out to terrorize tiles.ice.org ;D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: sad....
Hmm, you may be right...

I shall use my expert CIA training to discover more about these acts of terror.

Hahaha. ;)
Re: sad....
i guess i vote easier than most, but i don't think a tile has to be "perfect" to get a 5... if it blends well and uses the borders given, sends interesting borders to neighbors, and i find it interesting i give a 5.
i think this tile does all those things
and i really like this one so i voted 5. ;o)

but if i'm guessing as to why someone would vote so low... i'd say they must've thought it was a picture instead of your own work.

for me it isn't the low votes that make me curious. i figure the voter either thinks the work isn't mine, has a grudge, is just a wise guy, or i've done something terribly and obviously wrong in the tile. this may sound weird, but it's the 4's that bother me. i do not think all my tiles are 5's... but when several people vote 5 and other people vote 4 or lower without saying why, that bugs me... i would prefer a critique from the 4's... i think that would be more helpful to me. just a thought.
To me
It looks like scenery from an old LucasArts quest :)
Rocks! 5 :)
Re: To me
I know whoever votes bad doesn't have to give a reason, I just hope it's because they have a valid reason, and not because they're being mean spirited. So thank you so, so, so much for all of you who voted a 5.
Re: Re: To me
what? now someone thinks it's a -2. :(
Re: Re: Re: To me
A -2 on this tile is less than underdeserving and an insult to the artist (you).
Consider it taken care of.
Nice tile
Don't let the scores get to you. You can't please everyone and you shouldn't even try. It's all a matter of personal opinion anyway. And you know what they say about opinions...

Besides, sometimes I think a 0 or - score shows just how good a tile really is. When the voter is jealous enough to stoop that low, it's because the voter sucks and they know it! ;-)