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This tile is from We Need Colors

By: Freeek
Checked out at: April 27, 2003
Checked in at: April 27, 2003
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I think the pockets are far way too dark!
Compare the shadows of the trousers to those of the pockets.
As much as I like this tile
I think that you should check it out again and blend it with mine (the one at the bottom). There are color transitions I couldn't work around and I'd feel bad about taking it.
Re: As much as I like this tile
can't you just use the color dropper, and match the colors?
also, i painted over the borders a bit on my checkin tile, so you could use the bottom of that to make the blending right, and play around with the few pixels that are over the edge.

but if you still can't get it right, i guess i can check it out..