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This tile is from Mainquilters 20: Pirates of the Caribbean (or not)

Comment: cold soup and stolen furniture
By: greg
Checked out at: March 07, 2003
Checked in at: March 07, 2003
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realistic feel to the wall. and with heinzon's tile above there it's a cool/weird surreal effect. :o) 5

did anybody else zoom in on the graffitti to read it? pretty funny
Re: nice...
You had to zoom in? Just how old are your eyes? ;-)
Re: Re: nice...
mine are not better though. i misinterpretef the skull on the wall for some button in a blanket.
Re: Re: nice...
hahaha... that's right just go ahead and make fun of old people ;o))

you young kids!... yeah, i had to zoom dag nabbit...
lemme tell you something missy... when i was your age i could have read it from out in the street, standing in ten feet of snow, with one eye closed.

do some tiles wench :o)
Re: Re: Re: nice...
Tony Tony Tony... Your eyes sure got old fast, considering you're not that much older than I am!

I've been wanting to tile lately, but I'm still in the middle of redoing some websites. After I get this next one done, then I'm free to play again! Maybe by then that pirate quilt will be done ;-)
which monitor and resolution everyone around have

im sure, if i would change my resolution from 1280 to 1024 i could read not only the word "rules" but the other word too

PS: agree with the great surrealistic effect ;)