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This tile is from Enter Middle Earth

Checked out at: May 11, 2003
Checked in at: May 11, 2003
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Well, would be a great thing to make a Speedpainting-Quilt.
I like this, but it doesnt really fit in this quilt, because you can clearly see single brush-strokes(which i really like), while most tiles have this "a bit blurry"-look.
Re: .
There are contrasting styles on this quilt, but I think that this tile fits in to the style of the other tiles closest to it.

Contrasting styles are really interesting on a surreal quilt, but I think that on this type of quilt, it usually just shows lazyness. I feel that I have learned a lot trying to imitate others' brushstrokes in my own artwork. It is also a good way to learn different lighting techniques.