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This tile is from Enter Middle Earth

Comment: Old Man Willow Turns His Back On Mount Doom!
Checked out at: January 14, 2003
Checked in at: January 15, 2003
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Blood Sweat and Tears. Made with just a mouse.
Pixel by pixel, hope you like it.
Re: Blood Sweat and Tears. Made with just a mouse.
U have a +5 form me (i don have coins right now i been too scholl busy)

(i can relate to the mouse and the blood) :)
Big problem@!
antaydos brought this to my attention. THIS IS NOT MY ORIGONAL ARTWORK! Well, it is and it isent. I drew this picture in 7th grade, but I must have used an old hilderbrant brothers reference beacouse its almost the same frams as theres. THeres was done in 1978 and mine was done in 1986-87. I do have the origonal board drawling
This drawling I did myself, but as you can se, it has to be referenced from there drawling. I did an overlay and theres no question.

Here is the ORIGONAL hildbratn brothers picture from the 1978 tolken calander.

If this offends anyone please ask an admin to remove the tile. I do not like the fact that this is not all from me. I like the tile, adn it follows the theme. I truley dont rember useing a hildbrant picture for a freference for this drawling, But it was a long time ago.

I also have a short movie clip of myself holding the board drawling I made if you would like to see it :

Sorry for this misunderstanding and lack of memmory.

Thankyou antaydos for bringing this to my attention also.
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Re: Big problem@!
you totally referenced the hildebrandt. I can see it in the bark shapes.
doesn't bother me or anything, I'm just saying.. .
it's interesting to see how things translated from your eyes to your pencil.
anyway, as for the tile
I think a translation of a translation is just fine
especially with so many years between them all :)
well, good job. work on that smog ;) (see: atmospheric perspective)
Looks like you got really lazy with the entire right half of your tile.
Re: .
tried to make a smog feel going under mt doom. Guess the feel didnt get across like I wanted it too
spent most of the time on teh tree anyways. )-: