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This tile is from Mainquilters 19: The Warm, Magnificent Light

Comment: PLEASE god work this time!
Checked out at: January 09, 2003
Checked in at: January 09, 2003
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Plrease see her!
I spent forever trying to get a woman in the clouds.Can ya see her? Her hand, her breasts, the flowing hair?

Oh well. 3rd time is a charm
Re: Plrease see her!
Now you say it!

Yep, i can see her this light-blue part to the right is her arm, right?

Well it makes this tile better than it seems the first sight. ;)
Re: Re: Plrease see her!
I made a full picture of her and with the border colors and then cut out most of it for the tile. Ill post the full picture on a site soon. Its hard to amke her stand out and still be part of the clouds. That is her arm and I put some fingers in there to make it stand out. I figutred everyone would think its just clouds at first, ok well. (-:
Re: Plrease see her!
I can see the woman now that I'm actually looking for her! I know that you don't have such advanced equiptment like a drawing pad to make fine details...so I think you did a great job considering all you have is a mouse, Adobe, and the ever so famous smudge stick! Comparitively--this IS the best tile you've done so far...therefore I voted a 5 on this comparison solely instead of trying to put your work in competition with the other artists... this is a [email protected] tile...maybe we can take a collection for the pad...any donors?? ;-)) LOL!
Ok, again, .. ;)

(First of all, this tile only work with the bottom-border. ;)

It was great to work with this borders(top and right) but it was a bit to smudged for my taste.
Also, i like this tile, is one of your best. :) But here are so many very good tiles, so this is only a 3 for me. ;)
Re: .
I agree, but I did have this one finished with only the bottom border to start with. I know everyone hates smudges, so I tried making something that utlized that tool and still made a nice tile. Thanks again D
Re: Re: .
Well, its ok, if you use the smudgetool for fire or magical-effects or something like this, like this time. ;)

But to smudge just because you need something smooth the borders is a NoNo. ;)
Mystety user
Re: Re: .
nice job using the tool, the borders connect well.
the left side kinda just swoops off to the edge, though
hmm. . . but that does look like a skirt for the girl, maybe :)
nice tile.
Re: Re: Re: .
Thanks, I tried for the majestic lady of the lake, aurora look to her, while making it lok like sirro stratous clouds flowing over the hills. Maby if I had made her a bit smaller then everyone could see her from the start, but then it would not have left much for the borders to blend and change. Im trying to stay away from the single picture feel of the tiles. I was hopeing that whoever got this right border had ESP or something and continued her. lol

Thanks again Greg.
Re: .
3 before i saw her ... now i would give you 4 i think. ;)
Good Christian
O this is really great
Re: 55555555555
Thank you!!!! (-:
Re: Re: 55555555555
Well done :)
Easy Tiger
Re: Re: Re: 55555555555
Uncanny how it follows perfectly the tile below it. 5, if not just for sheer psychic insight ^_^
Re: Re: Re: Re: 55555555555
I was soo unhappy with the mountians beacouse I thought they look way too cartoonish. When I say the "flash" style of the tile below mine I could not bleave it myself.

Thank you!