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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: This is my first, very blurry, I know, go Easy please!
Checked out at: December 30, 2002
Checked in at: December 30, 2002
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Well, if you already knew that it's blurry, why did you not do anything against it? I don't know your equipment at home, but a good thing to do is take reference pics, for example look at a horse (searing in google for pictures rulz) and then try to get clean shapes where they are appropriate and blurry ones where they are also. All the same blurry is no good at all. The variation is necessary for a good pic. Keep up practicing
Well, its blurry ... this is a beginner-problem ... time will make sharper ones. ;)

But this is a good example for a newbie-tile i expected(instead of some smudge-copy-paste-photomanipulations)! This Blur is just a technical Problem this one has. I really like the idea, a unicorn is coming out of the right and bottom-corner!
Only the left corner is not as good involved.
Nice start!!
I don'tknow if this is your first tile but if it is I must say you did a DAMN good job...no cut and paste and stamp tool overload like most of the beginner's tiles maybe you could have tried to sharpen the image in Adobe by using the wand and selecting the sharpen tool out of the filter menu...I think you did an excellent job...I love the unicorn!! :-)))
I was torn on what to do about this, I was hoping it would look better with the quilt. If I made it sharper, the colors looked more distorted. I guess I went a little too crazy with the "soften" tool. I liked my idea, but I suppose I'm not artistically inclined with Paint Shop, as I am not artistically inclined on paper. Anyone have some tips, on how to make that sharp, clear image?
Re: Thanks
I haven't used PSP in at least 4 years. I use Photoshop which lets you choose hard or soft paintbrushes, an air brush, a pencil etc. You can also adjust the opacity of them if needed. If PSP has those options, try using a harder (solid round, not fuzzy) brush and see if that helps.

The soften tool sounds like it might be similar to Photoshop's blur tool, or maybe the smudge stick? Don't use it if you want to keep crisp lines. Try blending with other tools PSP offers :-)