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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: rolling out the tiles
Checked out at: December 20, 2002
Checked in at: December 21, 2002
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WTF! this is my thought
Take a looka t this tile, PLESAE, This tile I tried really hard to make look really nice, and blend into the quilt. DO you really think it is no better than a 1.8??? after 5 votes. Someone in here is being a real jack@$$. If your gonna down a tile that I worked my ars off on please post a message about why. Is it soo bad?
Re: WTF! this is my thought
WTF WTF WTF definately...someone is running through and voting negative on everyone's tiles because either a.)they're trying to make their ratings look better or b.)they're just @ss#%les who don't understand the concept of a newbie quilt...ooooorrrr some people don't want us to be able to have high enough ratings to work on read-only quilts...what the fizzzzuckkk??
Re: Re: WTF! this is my thought
okay...so it was the first thing in the morning and I was VERY grumpy...especially when i found out that all of our ratings had gone down...but then I got to thinking, ratings don't really mean s#!t!! Except to get into read-only quilts---->this is s'posed to be for fun and when people get all caught up in what their 'ratings' are...then it becomes a scoring game instead of appreciating people's ideas and artwork...Sorry if i seemed rather inflamed...if anyone was offended by my previous post, I apologize!! Keep up the neat ideas and keep having fun....DON'T LET THE MAN BRING U DOWN:-))
Another hought, please reply bull and dur.
Take this picture for its CG artisitc quality and tell me what you think of it. Dose the blue not look like water flowing down hill across a plane of grass, with a reflection of maby the sun shining in the top left corner(witch can be blended into a star scene, or anything the next person thinks to make of it. Could it look like lilly pads growing into a mesh of greenery engulfed by water?

This style is nothing like your pen in hand method of creating artwork, but just beacouse its not the style that you chose to work with, or the same pallet you chose to creat in, dose not mean that it is any less a work of art than any other tile ive ever seen.

I love everyons style, but im not as good as most of you. I do want and need your critisme on this for it helps me to improve and learn.

So, I ask you, what is your openion of this tile.
What do you think?

I didn't vote btw
Don't get offended by my remarks, you made the 3 most common mistakes. That is why we have a newbie quilt.

1. You left a white line at the top of your tile. This makes blending into your tile really hard to do.

2. You drew outside your border on the right side. This made your tile not have a seamless blend with the one next to it.

3. Don't use lens flares. This isn't a rule or anything, but people HATE them. Someone is bound to lower your score just because of it. Some people get offended when they take a lot of time drawing something on their tile and someone else uses some filter to cover space on their artwork. This is especially true when the flare just doesn't make sense in context. A sun, or space scene, or rocket blast is one thing, but (not saying that you did) just to add one to be flashy really bothers some people.

The tile tutorial on this site will show you some good tricks for fixing problems 1 & 2. Problem 3 is completely your call.
Re: I didn't vote btw
Thank you very much root. I see what your talking about on all 3 points.
I do use thoese damn flares way too much(as you ahve pointed out before (-:)
and the rest was just mistakes.

Thank you very much for the nfo, much apprishiated!
Re: Re: I did vote btw
root is correct on all points of course...

i thought it was/is a beautiful tile, *and* it's on a newbie quilt, so i forgave the white line at the top,
and the lense flair [this time 8^] and voted 5
Re: Re: Re: I did vote btw
Yea, I agree on all points as well, and have learned from them. Ive given up the flair forever. (-:

Thanks again, and I love your work. Family Tree rocked@!