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This tile is from Newbies 20: The Dodecahedron of Newbie Quilts

Comment: Splashdown?
By: amb_
Checked out at: December 24, 2002
Checked in at: December 24, 2002
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i thought this was a very nice piece. and for what you got to work with. you did excellent job with nasa ship. its l33t.. keep it up and hope to see more from you.

it's l337???
well, son!
I don't know what other pics u have seen before, but I surely would not describe this as "l337".
The idea was good though, and the tiles not easy to blend, but the workout can use some improval. By saying this is "l337" u are just giving a wrong impression and helps the artist nothing at all. Only CRITICISM can help one to improve it's ability, but surely not plain saying it's "l337".

To the Pic itself: It looks like u pasted in the sky from a photo. That's no good at all. In that way you are cheating yourself from the experience of drawing clouds all on your own and from learning how to do that. Some shading on the side of the capsule with a light greyblue would give a more 3 dimensional impression than just plain white.

If you want to learn, learn first to give and accept helpful criticism.
maybe you spent too much time at NASA!
The ship was a great idea...but what about the rest of the tile?? It seems that you could have been a little more imaginitive with the other three borders, especially at the top...maybe you could have used the green to make it look like the ship was caught in a tree in the sky, or you could have continued the blue in the left corner and made it look like something was holding the ship...just try to blend your ideas in with the borders instead of making a new concept inbetween them!

Yes, the clouds were cloned in from another photograph. I whole-heartedly should've taken the time to learn to do clouds for myself (not too difficult), which I did learn in my subsequent tile. Much to my surprise, creating one's own sky and clouds really lends much more control over the rhythm and movement of the composition, instead of being stuck with a very static background and having to work around it.

This tile was the product of me killing time and not really focusing on striving for a perfect tile. Catching a 7:00AM bus on 24 December is always a tense time (will there be room for me?!), so I decided not to sleep and learn some more tiling techniques. Unfortunately, my state of mind and alertness really did not provide me with enough creative energy to forge out a decent tile. This is especially obvious at the bottom right-hand corner, where the borders are cloned into a mish-mash of nonsensical items that really do not work themselves into the rest of the composition.

As for the Gemini capsule itself, I really could've spent *much* more time on this, but as 5:45AM approached, I had to submit it before I left to visit my parents for Christmas. In any case, I look forward to a steady rate of improvement as I complete more tiles.

Thank you for the (occasionally too kind) comments.

Chris Slothouber