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This tile is from Mainquilters 18: The Cook in Calistoga

Comment: In search of greener pasture.
Checked out at: December 09, 2002
Checked in at: December 09, 2002
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You have an annoying habit of ending an object [i]just[/i] within your tile. Try to extend at least one shape past each border to provide something solid for a neighbor to blend.
Re: Borders
Well ya know, I thought about it. But since I've apparently done it in every tile so far, why change now? Maybe I'll make it my trademark. Enjoy.
hmmm, i think i recognize the background pattern ;o))
sure it's fun to get interesting and seemingly 'recognizable' objects on the edges you receive, and in general it's a good idea to do so. but i don't mind if objects are completed on the other side of the border sometimes. it gives an idea of what might be there, without insisting that i continue it, so i can pretty much do what i want on those tiles. what i find frustrating is when a totally nondescript object begins just a few pixels before it gets to my edge. i mean rather than just putting a blob at the edge for the next guy/gal to deal with, sometimes it's okay that just the background is passed on to the next person.

Re: hmmm, i think i recognize the background pattern ;o))
Quite a few of the tiles I've checked out haven't had anything in their borders except for a few variations of color or just a piece of an object. I don't mind what I get, I haven't bitched at anyone yet. When I don't have much to go from or have a hard time with an edge is usually when I tend to stick something more towards the middle to hopefully draw the eye away from a crappy blend. Obviously it happens alot. And I occasionally let my oldest daughter help out on tiles too (she's 13). I finally kicked her out of my seat and had her go make a tile under her own account. She checked in her first tile last night, fixed it today and it's up on the newb quilt.
hey cool !!! :o))
what your daughters nick?... i think that's great that you two tile together ;o)
Re: hey cool !!! :o))
Slice is brand new and posted last night... is it "Slice"?
Re: Re: hey cool !!! :o))
Nope, it's Bubblezz (Kortnie). :-)