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Comment: the tile olympics!
Checked out at: March 17, 2001
Checked in at: March 17, 2001
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Tile works well with upper left corner
but appears a bit smeared on the upper left.
too bad...
You make great tiles! Better than I would ever do, I guess. Just too bad you ruin your tiles by putting some text or picture on top of it (picture of the lady and tiles.ice.org text).
The good, the bad, and the text.
I like your idea of taking the bottom left hand corner of my tile and repeating it all the way across yours with various rotations and color shifts. Kinda cool though not very focused - which I am hugely guilty of too. The thing with the text that everyone keeps frowning upon is that it interrupts the continuity of the quilt itself. When we stand back and look at the quilt as a whole, any text will single out that specific tile alone. Someday, I think we all hope to accomplish a quilt that appears to be one giant flowing canvas of pixels where it becomes difficult to single out a specific area because the tiles blend well in color and elements as well as a particular theme or subject. Anyway - nice tile. Keep tiling.