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This tile is from Mainquilters 13: The Night Slothy Went Crazy

Comment: zzzip
Checked out at: June 24, 2002
Checked in at: June 24, 2002
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a 1?...
considering the edges i got, i thought this was 'at least' a 3 ... i guess i could have done "yet another starfield", but i thought we were supposed to try to see something and draw something 'surreal' from the edges we got.

plus slothy being a young pimp... i thought "the night slothy went crazy" might involve something wild, sexual or even, i don't know,... crazy... hence a hand unzipping a kinky boot off a leg in space.

pearls before swine i guess.
Bah, don't worry
You got two 5's (including mine), giving you a 3.667. Whoever gave you a 1 is obviously trying to control the score because he didn't get it, or is just being immature. I think that, graphics-wise alone, you'd get at least a 4, since it looks good and provides interesting borders.