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This tile is from Mainquilters 13: The Night Slothy Went Crazy

Comment: The Biggest Lightbulb in the Universe
Checked out at: June 16, 2002
Checked in at: June 17, 2002
Checkout tile:


The space station's crooked and the incoming ships are either too ugly (top) or out of bounds (bottom). Must use more contrast...
Re: Bleh (=
...and always check borders...
I (mmph, almost) did the best I could with that border. If you meant the grey part at the top left being too bright, well, check my checkout tile: there was a light spot there, I just continued it.

If you meant the blue streak's top half being too dark, well, there was a dark spot on the border due to the penguin's shadow or something; I just continued it.

If you meant I didn't continue the penguin, well, I could tell from the border that it wasn't continuing, it just barely touched the edge of the tile.

If you meant the black line on my left border, well, you're right.
lack of detail
the blending is fair, i dont think contrast is necessarily the issue here. i believe its the lack of detail in the main focus of the tile. it looks like a space station of sum sort, but its too bland. i would suggest windows, compartments, fractures, anything to add detail. just my opinion. good work!
Re: lack of detail
i disagree with the details and fractions - i like that... i think the station is too big to see any windows on it in that scale, even.
anyways, i would have recommended more shadow on that part. (would have made it easier to blend without giving the station a crooked top! i didn't see it was meant to be a cone on the top - i just continued the lines in their current angle...)
always remember: space is dark, and there's nothing around to scatter the light!