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This tile is from We Are All Being Photomanipulated Again!

Comment: fixed border
Checked out at: June 12, 2002
Checked in at: June 12, 2002
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Mystety user
now that the border's fixed
I give 5.
the tile adds some depth and contrast on an otherwise busy and bright quilt
plus it looks cool :W
Re: well
thanks greg ;o]
i thought it was better than 0 anyway hahaha
Mystety user
Re: Re: well
hehehe, yes :D
i'm rather confused, raggy
eh... why did you do that?..
Re: i'm rather confused, raggy
why did i do 'what'? i'm confused too :o]
Re: Re: i'm rather confused, raggy
do this tile... it looks very strange, you can't deny that
Re: Re: Re: i'm rather confused, raggy
I mean, not the kind of tile one could expect from you... what is it anyway?.. :)
well first, the edges i got were dark... so i muted the colors a bit. this was my first photo manip quilt, so i wasn't really sure what the ground rules were ...except to manipulate a photo. this is a photo of me kneeling in front of a wall of swords and daggers...manipulated into what [i thought] were interesting shapes and colors.

oh well, live and learn.
Re: hmmm...
orcs on acid. whatever you say :)