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This tile is from Mainquilters 12: Calliope of Complementary Colors

Comment: Do you shark?
By: Straxz
Checked out at: May 24, 2002
Checked in at: May 25, 2002
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He's back
I don't mean the shark (it's a girl shark, by the way) ME!
4 months since I did my last tile. hello again everyone! :)
Mystety user
Re: He's back
heya straxz! good to have you back :)
Mystety user
Re: He's back
hey straxz. I caught a screenshot of you with 6.66 hours left (ala jito's page)
check it out :)
Re: Re: He's back
I guess my evilness is to large. The screenshot link don't work for me :\
Re: Re: Re: He's back
do save target // or image

it will work
Re: Re: Re: Re: He's back
It worked... I really feel like satan now ;)