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This tile is from Dragons Everywhere! (A Fantasy Themed Quilt)

Comment: Wyvern and Pegasus
By: gecko
Checked out at: May 11, 2002
Checked in at: May 11, 2002
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Fantastic work, gecky i love it, i made the one to the left of yours i think that i made a nice work guessing your image, will see...

Any way GREAT IMAGE!!!!!!

(5) +Plus quam perfect!

Re: Great!!!!!!!!!!!
hmmmm... that's weird... i also made the one to the left... computer glitch possibly?????

definitely a great tile gecky the dragon and the clouds are too perfect ;O)
Re: Re: Great!!!!!!!!!!!Hey Root88
No way!, what the, heck?!, oh my!, yipes!
So Tony (raganaga) wich tile do you think will be the one visible yours or mine? :? :┬┐

O well...we will have to wait, hey root88 if you see this could you check this problem out?
Re: Re: Re: Great!!!!!!!!!!!Hey Root88 never mind
Hell! i been a little distracted this days, i made the one to the rigtn no to the left, sorry for the inconviniences i may have caused, (crap) sorry Root88

Tony and any one else who migth have read my stupid post, he he he sorry again
Ok, there's no way I'm going to try to contribute to this quilt now after this.
Blue Indigo
Re: Wow...
Exactly,,,, =/

Great again.. (5) In the "real" scale its a (10.00)