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This tile is from Tribute to Salvador Dali

Comment: métamorphose du Scribbler [ pas une photo ]
Checked out at: March 19, 2002
Checked in at: March 19, 2002
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just curious...
but could whoever vote "1" on this tile tell why please, no biggie, just wondering.
wow wow wow
this is my head !!!

cool nice tile
i like the whole idea

i voted 5
who voted 1?
haha jealous people

ps: the only thing i don't like is the black shadow
but everything is ok
Re: wow wow wow
yes the "black shadow" didn't turn out as i had hoped. it was supposed to look like the head came out of a hole in the canvas. did you notice that the hand holding the headless figure was from shapes that i saw in your head?

anyway... glad you liked it :o)
Re: Re: wow wow wow
yes i see the shape of the puppet
now!! haha