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This tile is from Newbies 8: We Can Hold Our Own

Comment: just so to say it's done, the final tile comes falling down down down
Checked out at: February 28, 2002
Checked in at: February 28, 2002
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Someone say somthing, the silence is deafening.
Re: aaaahhhhhhh
With the exception of the missing plug shadow, I would say this tile is best blended of yours so far. Lets just hope there aren't any undercover cops in the area though ;) Well done!
Re: Re: aaaahhhhhhh
Oh hey yeah! I wish someone had mentioned that was a shadow to the plug cord, I could have fixed that easy. Live and learn, it gives me a clue to look for shadows more now though. The more I work on tiles the more I see what kind of clues and hints to look for to continue the flow. Oh hey, the guys just thinking about it, it's like looking at a pretty girl after you get married right? I'm an ex-addict, anyone who knows what it's like knows about using dreams. Stress is on in life and I have them, sometimes to the estreem.
Re: Re: Re: aaaahhhhhhh
Heheheh, yeah I guess so. This tile puts me in mind of one of Dennis Leary's comedy routines where he talks about how creative drug users get; they don't get mean like drunks, they just wanna build something. "Look guys I made a bong outta my head!"

Ehh, I don't do it justice. :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: aaaahhhhhhh
I love Dennis Leary!!
Re: aaaahhhhhhh
That is neat how you curved the brown shape on the top of your tile - very similar to the same grey-colored curve in my tile (on the left of yours, the one with the plug :)