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This tile is from Newbies 8: We Can Hold Our Own

Comment: What mask am I to wear here?
By: anton
Checked out at: February 26, 2002
Checked in at: February 26, 2002
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That's funny cause the result actually works!
Re: lol
I was extremely upset when I saw the bottom picture... But, I guess, this is the downside of being able to work with many people - I never know what is in the other person's head...
Re: upset
Really? Well i think it looks good. It looks like a modest guy trying to cover up with a sheet or a towel or something. Also I think you did a pretty good job with that top right corner. Would have been a tough one the way it fades out like that.
Dude, where's my nude<i>?</i>
Hahahahahaha, this is like one of those optical illusions! I never even noticed how much that looked like a guy until ikeivup pointed out the below tile's background's similarity to a towel.
Re: Re: upset
:) Yeah, that green does look like a towel! I am surprised... Cheers.