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This tile is from Newbies 8: We Can Hold Our Own

Comment: this is kind of blending
By: 111
Checked out at: February 21, 2002
Checked in at: February 21, 2002
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'Fraid Not
And this is your fifth tile?
you lucked out
If the guy to the left who got this in his tile hadn't been the same guy who did the top and bottom of your tile I don't think he would have blended into this tile so well to pull off the whole effect of it looking like it was projected outwards the way it come off. I think it's Thanks to Shigi_the john wei that it works at all.
Re: you lucked out
I see where your idea was founded, and I didn't say it doesn't blend. The way the guy next to you worked his tile made it blend. I don't think it deserves a negitive vote though. It doesn't take away from the quilt. And I will point out all your other tiles are quite good, better than mine that's for sure. I don't see why it should be removed, if it was removed the tile next to it wouldn't look right then because it does blend well with the idea of your tile being a projection of a picture that is seen through a window or shown on a screen. At least that's how I see it.
sorry, but I wanted this kind of blending
Probably I don't understand much in tiling, but this was the way I want it to be - like a window to another layer. John may insist on removing this tile. I admit that I somewhere broke the rule. Sorry, again.
Re: sorry, but I wanted this kind of blending
sup....just want to say all you other tiles blend in great, except for this one. And luckily I was doing all three tiles around your. I hope this wasn¡¦t something personal. I got the right square the last, so I can blend into your. Anyways, I guess if our tiles all blend into others then it will be even better. Keep up the good works.