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This tile is from Newbies 8: We Can Hold Our Own

By: Gold
Checked out at: February 17, 2002
Checked in at: February 18, 2002
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okay now you guys can really call me a space cadet
I really love this tile, it will forever be one in my heart I will connect strongly too. It may sound wild but it's because the diamond you drew connected with the baubles and rings were like a rema (sp?). It's like your spirit used your tile to answer a question I had in my thoughts when I was creating the tile next to it, and when I opened the page and saw it pop up, your tile was talking to mine. Too cool.
hi space cadet :)
my spirit took 22 hours to tell me what to draw :)
I tried a rainbow and I tried out several thing with the colors in your diamonds but nothing turned out to be right. I almost canceled the tile.
2 hours before deadline I started working on the diamond, the pearls and the rings and it seemed to me like it might be just good enough. I'm glad someone really likes it.
Re: hi space cadet :)
I like the invisible red square the best ;?)
<- space cadet :)
the red square indicates the border of my tile. Befor painting I put the parts of the bordering tiles on a seperate locked layer in front of all other layers. That's pretty usefull when there is painting on the border, but with the black-and-white stuff it's rather annoying. That's why I create the red box and then eraze part of the chessboard. It works pretty well for me.
Seems like I forgot to hide the red line this time. Fortunately it doesn't matter because it isn't in the visible part of the tile anyway. :P
Re: <- space cadet :)
Yep, good technique to follow, keep up the good work :)
Re: Re: <- space cadet :)
thx, I'll try to
Great composition
with the placement of the jewelery and the transition from the neighbouring tile really follows through well.

Great shading on your 'blue diamond' or sapphire.