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This tile is from Newbies 6: The Childrens' Breakfast Cereal

Comment: men at scaffolding
By: MiZe
Checked out at: January 19, 2002
Checked in at: January 19, 2002
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horrible blending
this tile has horrible blending and you have no respect for the sourounding tiles nor the quilt. try to use what you get from your sourundings and build from there
Re: horrible blending
I'm learning! Let us talk about after my 20th Tile.
Don't talk about negativ my respect.
I love the idea behind the quilts, but my
freehandpainting-gen isn't good.
Re: horrible blending
Might I remind you of the rules of posting?
2. Don't insult people or art.

Do you see what went wrong here? And besides, it's NOT a horrible blend. It's actually quite good for a newbie. I've seen REALLY horrible blends, and this is by no means even close to those.

Anyways, MiZe, I like your tile. Thanks for stickin' in there :)
Re: Re: horrible blending
I think it's too crowded ( a part from the blending problem ) ... You gotta blend the content too you know, in this case, the borders where pretty empty. If that's the case, it's generally a good idea to do a pretty empty tile too... If the borders are crowded and filled to the brim with content, do your tile after the same concept...
re horrible blending
it was I not decra who posted the first message to this tile, accidently i din´t think about who was logged in at the time. the tile is a bit crowded but im sorry about the harsh words i said b4, the bledning isn´t to bad, i was blinded by anger at the time i wrote the message. becasue there was a mixup and i drew a tile that i hade accedently cancelled, i didn´t notice that until after about 3hrs of work, but my anger shuld not fall on you and i take it back. Again im sorry